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15 Design FAILS Carefully Crafted by Idiots

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funny fail signs

16 Ridiculous Signs That Are FAIL Masterpieces

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Collection of sign fails that were funny because they were so confusing.

19 Sign Fails That Ended Up Being Hilariously Confusing

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Blame THAT Guy

sign FAIL picture funny - 9062185216
Via hash0t0

Words of Wisdom From Dad

Funny pub sign with a dad joke about how if he wanted one drink he'd just go to church for communion wine.
Via ThatAstrophotoDude

Makes Total Sense Now

Sign outside bar trolls customers by saying they can buy one beer for price of two, and receive the second "free."
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sign nfl insult football - 1506309

Someone Grab the Smelling Salts, Cause Roger Goodell Just Got Clotheslined By These Brutal Signs at Patriots Parade

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Jake Gyllenhaal Out Here Trying to Bring Attention to What Really Matters

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An Interesting Marketing Tactic

monday thru friday sign yelp g rated - 8258458368

So That is What Dental Dams Are Really For, Right?

funny fail image rice herpes sign
Via @JoesPsychedelia

Now the Whole Campus Knows About This Encounter

sign prank sexy times - 8020976128
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A Quick Lesson on Never Stealing Anything That Gets Left on a Porch

sign oh god why funny - 7854836992
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Got Any Locally Grown or Organic?

condoms hot sign store - 5296214528

I Wonder Which Takes Longer, the Police Station or the DMV

sign FAIL - 8980262144
See all captions Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad
Sign Twirler impressive tricks video.

Everyone Hopes They Get a Raise When a Sign-Twirler Goes All Out With Moves Like These

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A Real Way to Get Someone to Pay Attention is to Immediately Disappointed

beer sign FAIL box nope - 8982022144
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