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Thirsty Girl at Bar Takes Shot of Pure Salt

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Dangerously Drunk Bro Takes Gnarly Tequila Body Shot Off Chick, Catastrophe Ensues

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So This is What it's Like Being Shot at While Wearing a Kevlar Body Armor Vest

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Laker's Fan Deposits This Half-Court Shot Directly Into His Bank Account

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This High School Basketball Player Nails a Full-Court Shot For the Win

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Adventurous People Try Daring Shots, So You Don't Have To

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Get Ready For Flu Season

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shots drinking dominos awesome stunt trick - 74049025

Happy Hour

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Quitting Is For Quitters

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Spin The Blackout

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It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Alcohol Poisoning

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Put That Engineering Degree to Good Use

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Just Smile and Act Naturally

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The Cure for Being Single

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Shang Tsung: Your Soul Is Mine, But This Shot Is Yours!

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