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Grocery Shopping is Tiring

grocery store grocery shopping kids parenting shopping cart - 8334923520
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Best Friends

dogs kids shopping cart parenting - 8312872704
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Happy Birthday, Little Stormtrooper!

geek stormtrooper kids shopping cart mask parenting - 8310258432
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Grocery Store Employees Hate You

grocery store monday thru friday parking lot shopping cart - 8267435520
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Because Shopping for Candy Corn Should be Fun!

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She Wanted to Take Turns

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Makeshift Stroller

Babies shopping cart parenting strollers there I fixed it - 7965431552
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This Department Store is Haunted!

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Beats Those Old School Tire Swings

shopping cart playground swing funny g rated there I fixed it - 7459901184
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I Hate Shopping!

shopping shopping cart sleeping - 7111120384
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And Do the Groceries Get to Drive?

FAIL car shopping cart - 6981513216
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"Where's My Daughter? She Was With Me a Second Ago"

shopping cart g rated Parenting FAILS - 6940383488
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Getting a Ride FAIL

lazy shopping cart - 6941596928
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Ride and Shop

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This Idea Doesn't Have a Leg to Stand On

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Scooch Over, Honey... We Need Room for Milk

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