Scary moments and stories | reddit posted by 10lbturd 7.0k points 23 hours ago heard my dentists say "oh shit" while over tightening my dental implant.

People's "Oh Crap" Moments

Sometimes life hits hard.
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traveling culture shock culture differences

18 Travelers Share Their Biggest Culture Shock

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confetti dad prank shocked supercut Video - 361990

Foul-Mouthed Father Can't Escape This Confetti Cannon

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twitter FAIL scared reactions shocked animals - 1166085

Capybara Crippled With Fear Instantly Becomes the Internet's Hilarious, Number One Fascination

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prank shocked bike Video - 77497345

Would-be Bike Thieves Get Electrocuted

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ouch shocked Video cereal - 71283969

This Dude Trying to Eat Cereal With Electrodes Strapped to Him is the Perfect Schadenfreude

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electricity shocked Video wires - 37139457

A Really "Shocking" FAIL

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They're in for a Real Shock

bad idea shocked dangerous - 8400592640
Via Enryu
ouch bad idea vine shocked Video fail nation - 66839809

Kids These Days: Literally Sticking Metal into a Socket

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No, I'm Totally Not the Insensitive One...

insensitive shocked - 4916081152
Created by Corty

What a Shockingly Bad Idea

bad idea shocked - 6920160256
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