shameless people who tried bad negotiation tactics

Shameless Cheapskates Who Were Their Own Worst Enemies

Wonderful negotiation strategy.
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funny cat shaming

Bad Cats Who Were Shamed For Their Terrible Crimes

Do they even know what they did?
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funny cute dog shaming

Shamed Dogs And Their Unforgivable Crimes

You know what you did.
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A collection of times that people got called out for lying online | love food here but not tonight had awesome asparagus till tonight out date asparagus. Told manager and he argued with Who does am manager at hair alon. Customer is always right no matter Like Response owner 6 months ago Our asparagus is brought fresh daily KNOW food excellent wrote this because were caught walking tab (literally snuck out back door) without paying bill | My landlord wants play but he picked wrong tenant IS RESPO

Lousy Liars That Got Called Out Online

Enough with all the lies.
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Funny video of sports broadcaster announcing shameful dog walk like it's golf.

Sports Announcer Narrates Shameful Dog Walk

More things deserve golf voice.
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Employee talks to food while boss and coworkers overhear | O r/tifu Posted by u/I_Ate_That_Food 4 days ago 2 3 F2 S TIFU by forgetting wasn't muted during Zoom meeting ate my lunch, causing irreversible harm my reputation talk my food eat have been working home recently (obviously and am pretty fortunate because basically there is no function my job need be office But have let some bad habits seep .

Company Overhears Employee Roleplaying with Lunch

That's gonna be an oops.
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Dad tricks kids with fake Christmas gift, people are mad about it.

Dad Shamed Online for Playing Fake Present Prank on Kids

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Greedy and selfish people who demand more than they deserve.

Shamelessly Selfish People Who Have More Greed Than Sense

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making a joke on tinder then being surprised it worked

21 Funny and Sad Tinder Moments Bursting with Puns and Shame

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things people learned too late at life

40 Ashamed People Share Basic Information They Realized Way Too Late

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tifu story sister's birthday backfire

Sleep-Deprived Girl's Impulsive Act On Her Teenage Sister's Birthday Backfires Terribly

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cringe high school moments

18 Regret-Filled People Share Their Cringiest High School Moments

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entitled people trying to take advantage

16 Entitled Dirty Dealers Who Tried to Take Advantage of People

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This Son Decided to Mom-Shame His Mother After Routinely Asking For Snacks and Then Falling Asleep

funny parenting image son instagram mom shaming for falling asleep
Via @ nickavallone

Hateful Fat-Shamers Are Handing Out These Cards on The London Underground

social media woman calls out public fat-shaming group handing out cards on London Underground
Via @kflorish

Quiz Shaming

Via Distractify
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