Guy Flips The Script On Lowballer Who Tries Selling Bootleg Uggs

At first it seemed like the typical tale of a dude asking for too good of a deal, getting rejected and slipping away into the night. Then the prospective buyer tried contacting the PS4 seller again in an attempt to sell his own wares, bootleg tracksuits and Uggs. It turned into a convenient opportunity to get the last word in. The lowballers of the world set themselves up for failure often, like this lowballer who didn't understand lowballing or this entitled lowballer who got sent to the wrong address.

lowballing choosing beggar rejected after trying to sell bootleg uggs | No thank Lowest $290 Really not wanting take less than 300 do $250 if u bring my job.everybody want 250 but like yours better. Just think u giving my kids present man. shud soften heart man No thank | Its Corona time.and things are hard brother hear man Man $40 is not gonna make or break u Not trying be rude, but could say exact same things ya know? Thanks looking, but again, no thank
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