A collection of funny tweets about the modern day Seinfeld.

Hilarious Tweets About The Modern Day Seinfeld

Oh boy, it could be so good.
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Video trailer for a wtf Seinfeld themed horror video game.

Developers Create a Seinfeld Themed Horror Game

It's a game about a show about nothing.
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FAIL cringe seinfeld ridiculous Mark Zuckerberg Video - 96029953

Seinfeld Failing To Make Small Talk With Zuckerberg Is A Cringe Goldmine

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seinfeld in modern times

17 Modern Seinfeld Tweets That Could Actually Be Great Episodes

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Hilarious Seinfeld Plots If It Was Set In The Modern Day

17 Hilarious Seinfeld Plots If It Was Set In The Modern Day

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Seinfeld in the Modern Day

26 Hilarious Episodes We Might See if Seinfeld Was Set in the Modern Day

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Guy trolls friends with a prank door sensor inspired by Seinfeld.

Guy Trolling Friends With Seinfeld Door Sensor Wins The Internet For Us Today

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Seinfeld's George Costanza got on Twitter to hilariously complain about his mannequin doppelganger.

George Costanza Storms Twitter After Finding His Mannequin Doppelgänger

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facts about the show seinfeld

18 Pretty Cool Facts You Should Know About Seinfeld

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doom Video Game Coverage seinfeld video games win - 80896001

After 100 Hours of Work, Guy Successfully Recreates Jerry Seinfeld's Apartment in Classic DOOM

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door Music TV invention seinfeld Theme Song Video win - 76154113

Make Your Life a Show About Nothing, With This Simple 'Seinfeld' Door Sensor

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90's Sitcoms Are All The Same

shows FAIL friends facebook seinfeld - 8563994880
By MrsLedZepper
Music speech kanye west seinfeld Video - 431364

Adding the Seinfeld Intro Music is One of the Best Ways to Make Sense of Kanye's VMA Speech

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The First Thought After A Breakup

Via supertempo
FAIL seinfeld - 72209153

Best. Kramer. Impression. Ever.

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The Best Way to Breakup

how do you breakup with people?
Via Silamtao
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