Actually, It's Pretty Funny

naked security whoops - 5911229440
Created by Unknown

Keeping it Safe FAIL

common sense notes security whoops - 5888723200
Created by kacerosky

Google is watching.

google graffiti security watching - 5763805440
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Protect Your Ride WIN

anti-theft bike rack hula hoop lock security - 5888085504
Created by Unknown

Protect Yo Shoes

flip flops security shoes - 5818189312
Created by Unknown

16-Bit Encrypted System

keys overkill security - 5848189952
Created by reedlawson

Adjustable Home Security

door dual use security tools - 5817572608
Created by MennoF

One Lock Too Few FAIL

bicycle common sense security - 5806274048
Created by Fibonacci

FAIL Nation: Probably Bad News: loln00bs

fail nation g rated politics Probably bad News security tax dollars at work - 5807242752
Created by G-Unit ( Via )

There I Fixed It: A Metaphor for our Television Addiction

chain g rated Hall of Fame overkill remote security television there I fixed it - 5792350976
Created by Casey

Nothing Beats Paper, Good Ol' Paper

Close Enough lock paper security wtf - 5796320768
Created by austin.gillis
Professional At Work russia security Video wtf - 33076225

Making Secure Payments in Russia

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Car Parts Anti-Theft Protection

anti-theft car hood lock security - 5737713152
Created by Unknown

Autocowrecks: Protects From Everything Except Hipsters

AutocoWrecks case g rated Hall of Fame iphone case mobile phones protection security - 5706518528
Created by Unknown
costume g rated job learn from my fail security work - 46110467

Learn From My Fail: Doesn't Matter Had Snappy Comeback

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Building Security FAIL

irony password Professional At Work security - 5619912960
Created by Jaren Angerbauer