Cops stop driver for traffic violation, he tears up his own cash

'You're gonna...make this even worse for yourself?': Cops stop driver for traffic violation, driver tears up his own cash

This guy had an interesting reaction to being pulled over by police . As police officers approached this dude's vehicle, they informed him that he was about to get a ticket. The price of the ticket is a mere $10, which is probably the cheapest ticket I've ever heard of. But nevertheless, this guy began to freak out, all while the passenger next to him stares ahead in silence. There's no amount of cash that's worth tearing up for this reason. However, the driver justifies the decision by insisti…
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kids won't wear seatbelt and miss flight

Nephews Refuse To Wear Seatbelts, Miss Their Own Flight

Is there even a debate here?
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childhood memories things that used to be okay but are considered unsafe today

70s and 80s Kids Share Childhood Moments That Would Not Be Okay Today

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seatbelt disturbing kids Video - 69548545

Always Wear a Seatbelt

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Escape That!

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Buckle Up When Driving

seatbelt driving engine belt - 6982718976
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If You Ain't First, You're Last!

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Seatbelt FAIL

failboat g rated Professional At Work safety first seatbelt - 5063795456
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Just One More Step To Deter Thieves

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