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Entitled Mom Takes Stranger's Reserved Seat, Doesn't Understand Why He's Upset

With all the seating options available, this mom decided that the only place she could possibly sit was the assigned seat some guy had already paid for. And when pressed, she straight up refused to move. The ensuing escalation led to more drama than the situation merited, but that's where the internet comes in to judge. If this guy hadn't responded with anger there would have been a far greater likelihood that he could have sat in his assigned seat. For some more seat stealing drama, here's theā€¦
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Seat stealing Karen argues with guy with reserved seat

Dude Argues With Karen For Seat, Wonders If He's The Karen

Hey, that's what reservations are for.
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Karen steals seat, gets crowded out by family

Karen Steals Seats, Family Squeezes In With Her

It's what she wanted, right?
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Please Put Yourself In the Upright Position

faim image put yourself upright
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butts line pole seat - 6440713472
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Hang On, You Have Some Schmootz on You

gum gross seat funny - 7456829440
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These Aren't My Glasses!

glasses seat not what it looks like - 7080864256
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A Kludger's Got to Relax on the Back Porch Every Now and Then

chair lawn chair seat duct tape - 6763029760
By zperson5
olympics seat Video - 40212993

Olympic Seat FAIL

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Have a Seat Right Over There

chair lawn mower mower seat storm - 6429006080
By Queenpwb

We're Still Not In Sync On This Bike Idea!

bicycle bike seat wheels - 5943272704
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bus classic failboat g rated mass transit seat - 4596891136
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bucket motorcycle seat - 3598325760
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baby chair g rated ouch parenting seat - 3276501504
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