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The Muppets Collaborate With Sean Spicer for the Hottest Mash Up of 2017

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Watch Sean Spicer Get Questioned Hard at the Apple Store and It's Not About Whether He Dropped His Phone in the Toilet or Not

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Oh Hell Yeah: Sean Spicer Wrote a Letter to the Editor of His College Newspaper After They Called Him "Sean Sphincter"

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Again, I Can't Be Any Clearer: Trump Should Fire Sean Spicer and Hire Melissa McCarthy

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Don't Know Your ABCs? Allow Sean Spicer and His Tenuous Grasp of the English Language to Help with Sean Spicer's Alternative ABCs

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Merriam-Webster Is At It Again After The White House Released a List of “Under-reported” Terror Attacks Riddled With Spelling Errors

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Sean Spicer Facts Twitter Account Is Your One-Stop Shop For Alternative Facts

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Awww… Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer Excitedly Retweets The Onion Thinking They Said Something Complimentary About Him

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Dippin' Dots Attempts to End Cold War With White House's Sean Spicer

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