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16 Subtitle Fails That Are Amazingly Off The Mark

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Turn It Down Easy

relationships scrubs Memes dating - 8819485184
Via baileybean

Couples Counseling Is Racy!

scrubs sexy times - 8394830848
Via Malkammarshal6

Never Worry About Your Parents Approving.

funny scrubs marriage parents - 8248137984
Via Bonoes

Why Else Would a Dude Give You Cake?

bewbs cake Sexy Ladies funny scrubs - 8222975232
Via Shayne1987

This Is the Best Relationship Ever

funny scrubs relationships wtf dating - 8134552576
Via unknown

That's One Way to Look at It

Babies dogs scrubs parenting - 8002260736
Created by Unknown

Truly Wise Words

scotch Wasted Wisdom scrubs - 7266911488
Created by Unknown


scrubs - 7121664768
Created by Unknown

Having a Baby Sounds Like a Lot of Fun

Babies scrubs - 7061739264
Created by Unknown

The Manliest Drink Ever

scrubs - 7055845120
Created by Unknown

Who's Ready For Valentine's Day?

scrubs old people Valentines day - 7041491456
Created by Unknown

And What a Movement It Would Be

scrubs pr0n - 6751444736
Created by Unknown

It's a Miracle!

cake cleavage scrubs - 6416759296
Created by Unknown

You Can Dance

scrubs - 6402355712
Created by Unknown

Got it Yet?

JD scrubs STD - 6349300736
Created by Unknown
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