Moments in movies that are unrealistic | posted by marfou Finding parking spot front building going into.

Movie Elements That Aren't Like That In Real Life

No one ever has to sneeze or go to the bathroom.
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bad voice acting

NBA 2K15 Has Some Of The Worst Voice Acting In Modern Gaming

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bot writes queer eye episode script

Writer Tweets Hilarious "Bot Written" Queer Eye Script

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person tweeting john wick scripts written by a bot

Writer Tweets Hilarious "Bot Written" John Wick Script

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christmas absurd movies robots tweets ridiculous script funny stupid writing television - 7372037

Writer Tweets Hilarious Script for "Bot Written" Hallmark Christmas Movie

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Sad mother movies funeral pitcher story script funny - 5859333

Shameless Guy Won't Stop Pitching Awful Movie to Director at Mother's Funeral

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Hello, World!

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The Old Theater Assassination Family Has a Lot to Give

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... From Behind

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I Can't See Because of This Terrible Script

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Monday Thru Friday: Geek Life Unscripted

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Begin Content Dump

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