There Seems to be a Flaw in Your Fool-Proof Scissor Security

Via Jobyn

Vanity isn't Just a Sin, it's an Ugly Tattoo

scissors chest tattoos - 6803888640
By jboy_gangnam

Now What Do We Do?

monday thru friday scissors mug - 8415274752
Via theCHIVE

No Reproductions Here

for sale what scissors - 8198847488
Via I Heart Chaos

Scissor Sister?

skeletons scissors tattoos Ugliest Tattoos - 4326356992
By Mo

Not Pictured: White-Out (CTRL + ALT + DEL)

office supplies pencils scissors tape white out - 7829663488
By Unknown

"Princesses & Scissors"

kids parenting scissors drawings funny princesses - 7542110464
By rydogg78

These Scissors Are Screwy

screw scissors - 7439233280
By Unknown

Mirror, Mirror, On My Thigh

sexy tattoos scissors - 7308497920
By Unknown

Didn't Think This One Through

homework looks like a wang scissors Parenting FAILS - 7104673280
By Unknown

Kill the Lights, Please!

lights scissors - 3686896640
By Unknown

That's Exactly Why You Give Them Safety Scissors

scissors comic dangerous - 6894759168
By Unknown

Scissor Protection FAIL

scissors - 6827287296
By Unknown

Keyboard Shortcuts

tape Paste cut copy scissors eraser - 6657145344
By _C_A_T_

Childish Tattoo? Why Not Have a Child Tattoo It?

mermaid scissors - 6467812352
By Unknown

Security on the Cutting Edge

bicycle bike bike lock scissors - 6132216576
By stevecoops
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