School of FAIL

Children Make Terrible Test Subjects

children are notorious liars
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That's a Weird Reason to Cancel Class

his poor son, be sure to go see his band!
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College Accepts Anyone Nowadays

cats are good at school
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It's a Feeling of Pure Joy

proving the teacher wrong
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Teachers Shouldn't Read Their Evaluations

well that's uncomfortable to find out he's a sociopath
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Music LHC science Large Hadron Collider Video School of FAIL - 69333249

Symmetry: An Opera Inside the Large Hadron Collider

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New Kid in Town

Babies portrait School of FAIL - 6098863872

This School Has Some Serious Appliance Issues

this school's copier can end the world
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Meiosis Cookies!

meiosis has never been so delicous
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Space Gets All the Cool Views

such a fine line of day and night
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It's Important To Listen to Him

everything he says will be on the exam
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But It's Not Too Easy Four Adults

school is clearly two easy
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beer funny Video after 12 School of FAIL - 69228545

Chinese Intro to Bill Nye Sounds Like They're Shouting BEER BEER

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Did Harvard Reject the Best College Application Ever?

I really want to hear that mix tape
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crazy math funny Video g rated School of FAIL - 69200385

Arthur Benjamin Can Square Giant Numbers in His Head

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Tuition Doesn't Go to Printing

that's one expensive printer
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