People share stories of their small town's big scandal | pigeon got caught supermarket and made front page local news website with 'live updates'

People Share Their Small Town's Scandal

Where just about anything can make the news.
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big scandals that happen at schools

27 People Share Their School's Big Scandal

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outing a cheater

Serial Cheater Gets Exposed By His Ex-Wife's Masterful Revenge

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college admission scandal on some facebook ladies page

Woman's Insightful Facebook Post On The College Admission's Scandal Goes Viral

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scandal secret FAIL cringe ridiculous interns - 7542533

Interns Confess Their Juiciest, Rule-Breaking Secrets

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posts by homewreckers and cheaters

14 Shameless Homewreckers Share Stories That'll Make Your Blood Boil

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scandal secret cringe romance ridiculous dramatic - 7089925

13 Wildly Scandalous Secrets People Would Never Say Out Loud

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He's Definitely Involved

dogs scandal sexy times funny - 8218288896
Via Battle 4 Seattle

Somebody at US Airways Has a Lot of Explaining to Do

scandal twitter whoops - 8147491584
Via US Airways

Size Seven Scandal

gif shoes scandal affair funny g rated dating - 7466957312
By Unknown
scandal - 44407809

The Taiwanese Explain the Petraeus Scandal

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failboat quote scandal television Tiger Woods - 3375848192
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