workplace slang twitter thread

Twitter Thread: Teaching Coworkers How To Use Slang In The Workplace

A meeting of the minds.
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things Americans say and do abroad

Sayings and Behaviors That Give Away Americans

Is that not how it's pronounced?
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Tumblr thread shows real meanings of classic sayings | phrase curiosity killed cat is actually not full phrase actually is curiosity killed cat but satisfaction brought back so don't let anyone tell not be curious little baby okay go and be interested world. See also Blood is thicker than water, blood covenant is thicker than water womb. Meaning relationships formed by choice are stronger than those formed by birth.

Tumblr Thread Shows The Full Versions of Classic Sayings

Apparently some sayings mean the opposite of what they're supposed to.
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funny unique family sayings | slothbarns7 More Growing up with an Asian mom working on perfecting her English, she would often say "Aw is suck" instead know sucks Didn't take long us catch on and correct her but so funny just kinda stuck so something is shitty now instinctively say my head "well is suck"

Sayings People Realized Were Unique to Their Families

Some parents get creative.
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Annoying sayings people don't like | reddit posted by sully3333 29.6k points 1 month ago 3 2 "Because 's always done Companies use this excuse are just asking trouble.

Sayings People Absolutely Hate

There are so many.
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Common phrases that are uncreative and annoying to hear | dailymindfuck2 Working cafe HATE hearing "No thanks sweet enough ask if they have sugar their coffee

Everyday Phrases People Hate Hearing

Some common phrases are at best a joke everyone has heard and at worst a condescending threat.
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Funny and smart things said by children | thought needed hug but really need pancakes anonymous, 7 years old @LiveFromSnackTime

Funny and Insightful Things Said by Kids

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A collection of common AskReddit sayings that are total BS | posted by animalboat Everything happens for reason annoying infuriating meaningless empty words hollow

Common Phrases That Are Complete BS

Sometimes things just happen for no reason at all.
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People tell stories of basic information they realized way too late in life.

Obvious Things People Realized Way Too Late

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Ways to tell someone they're being a jerk.

Creative Ways to Tell Someone to Stop Being a Jerk

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funny old sayings

14 Old-Timey Sayings That Are Worth a Comeback

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Wrong Appendage, Bro

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Updated Sayings for the 21st Century

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Via Doghouse Diaries

How Do I Sayings?

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Two WINs in One

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