person saves multi-level marketing recruit

Good Samaritan Saves Potential MLM Recruit Before It's Too Late

"It's not a pyramid, it's a three dimensional triangle."
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WoW wtf saved stadium Cats - 107398145

Stadium Cat Hangs In There, Falls, Makes It

Wow, it's just like the famous poster.
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Two truck rights car but then car immediately rolls into ditch

Tow Truck Rights Car, Rolls Right Into Ditch

Some cars just don't want to be saved.
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Guy falls unconscious and begins to fall off balcony but is then saved by bystanders

Dude Faints, Tips Over Balcony, Gets Saved

That was close.
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Excavator lifts deer in bucket from mud hole.

Excavator Operator Saves Stuck Deer

It's like divine intervention via scoop.
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A dog attacks a child but a cat comes in and saves the day.

Cat Saves Toddler from Dog Attack

Who said cats don't help?
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Video of bus driver stopping a mugger from robbing an old lady.

Bus Driver Saves Old Lady from Mugger

If there was ever a reason to thank the bus driver...
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askreddit work fails that are awesome

22 Surprised People Who Screwed Up at Work But Didn't Get Fired

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hero news car actor awesome saved car crash amazing interview - 98804993

Legend Danny Trejo Pulls Child From Car Wreck

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story about homeless man improving his life

39 Wholesome Memes to Give Yourself a Boost

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escaping death

18 Riveting Close Calls Where People Escaped Death by Seconds

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crazy WoW pizza ex girlfriend dominos knife interesting saved relationships story funny police scary pizza delivery thriller intense delivery - 7241733

Domino's Pizza Tracker Saves Guy From Knife-Wielding Crazy Ex

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wholesome risk dogs highway cars saved save win - 420614

Brave Guy Saves Scared Dog from Highway

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nope snake saved Video - 77944065

Just Go Ahead and Add 'Snake-Alert' to the Long List of Reasons You Love Your Dog

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accident car close call driving saved Video - 35798785

Preventing a Car Accident WIN

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Dog Rescue WIN

animal dogs good samaritan pet rescue saved - 5443589376
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