wtf reckless driving saved save driver amazing win - 107665409

Driver Uses His Own Car To Slow Down Unconscious Driver

Now that's a bro move.
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Guys holding friend by the ankles to get ball out of canal until he falls in.

Dudes Try Their Best to Get Ball Back

That's some effort.
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A dog attacks a child but a cat comes in and saves the day.

Cat Saves Toddler from Dog Attack

Who said cats don't help?
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Video of bus driver stopping a mugger from robbing an old lady.

Bus Driver Saves Old Lady from Mugger

If there was ever a reason to thank the bus driver...
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Dad's suspicion saves daughter in creepy story | is creepiest thing has ever happened Rayleen Tritt, Owner and Lead Photographer Answered Sep 20 21 had waitressing job at local brewery happened be mall. My parents, who very close came and visited quite often. One night, around busy holiday season, my parents stopped drink after shopping and right before close. After double shift exausted and just wanted go home but sat with my parents pint started snow and my

Dad's Instinct Saves Daughter In Creepy Story

Sometimes you know when something's not right here.
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instances of moderate luck, baseball player dodging water, lucky food

15 Fun Times People Got Moderately Lucky

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fails that turned to wins

10 Lucky Fails That Turned into Wins

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Always Trust In the Kindness of Metalheads

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wholesome risk dogs highway cars saved save win - 420614

Brave Guy Saves Scared Dog from Highway

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Last-second Phone Save

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sports gymnastics save Video win - 79601153

Coach Saves a Gymnast Flying off the Uneven Bars With an Amazing Tumbling Save

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sports goalie vine hockey save win - 78176769

Minor Hockey Goalie Made a No-Look Save to Keep His Team in Overtime

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save deer Video animals - 77100033

This Deaf Man's Story of Saving a Deer From an Icy Death Will Warm Your Heart

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life save crash rescue - 73571841

Rescue of the Day: An Ohio State Patrol Officer Saves a Truck Driver's Live

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Guide Dog Saves a Couple People From Serious Injury

dogs gifs close call save funny win - 7568819968
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Nice Save WIN

gifs sports save nice catch - 6844165888
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