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A Tumblr thread breaks down the origins of NORAD's infamous Santa tracker. | voroxpete But none these stories even come close best one them all wrong number is NORAD Santa Tracker got started. Seriously, this is legit December 1955, Sears decided run Santa hotline. Here's ad they posted.

Tumblr Thread: The Origin Story Of NORAD's Santa Tracker

Happy holidays to everyone.
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Weird things children asked mall and store Santas to get them for Christmas | After waiting two hours line my daughter asked Santa hot dog.

Weird Things Kids Asked Mall Santas for Christmas

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Parent's tradition with kids and Santa Claus is painfully wholesome. | our family have special way transitioning kids receiving Santa becoming Santa. This way Santa construct is not lie gets discovered, but an unfolding series good deeds and Christmas spirit they are 6 or 7, whenever see dawning suspicion Santa may not be material being means child is ready take them out coffee" at local wherever get booth, order our drinks, and following pronouncement is made sure have grown an awful lot this

Family's Christmas Ritual Keeps Spirit Of Santa Alive

More gifts for everyone else.
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parents scare child with saint nick prank

Saint Nick In Holland Scares Kid Straight

Poor guy.
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movies plot holes that make no sense in the real world

4 Types of Movie Plots That Only Work if the Whole World is Stupid

Yup, checks out.
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Santa Claus movie recut as a horror flick is the trailer we never knew we needed.

Santa Clause Recut As Horror Trailer Is The Movie We Never Knew We Needed

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User's Dark Twitter Thread On Why The Santa Clause Is The Most Horrific Christmas Movie Will Chill You With Fear

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15 Naughty Little Known Facts About Mrs. Claus That Are Actually Dirty AF

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User Live-Tweets Hilarious Reasoning Why 'The Santa Clause' is the Most Terrifying Christmas Movie Ever Made

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Fun Guy of the Day: Pastor Gets Into Christmas Spirit By Telling Kids Santa Isn’t Real

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christmas lego animation cute santa claus Video - 76577025

What if Edward Snowden Was One of Santa's Elves and Had Leaked His Naughty List?

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I'm Waiting...

Babies christmas parenting santa claus waiting - 7962266368
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Santa Claus Flytrap Wishes You a Merry Christmas

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Now to Explain the Easter Bunny...

christmas kids parenting santa claus g rated - 8394435840
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Even Santa Needs a Little Help Sometimes, Kids

christmas parenting santa claus - 7970004224
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Yo Da Sprit of Christmas

christmas wtf santa claus yoda - 7971483648
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