Helpful Twitter thread explains how to make salads taste better | tweet by elan gale @theyearofelan forgetting SEASON ingredients, acting like DRESSING is all matters. Cucumbers and tomatoes need SALT and PEPPER. Avocados need CITRUS. Act as if were going eat each ingredient individually

Guy On Twitter Explains How To Avoid Boring Salads

Healthy foods like salads don't have to be dull.
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worst subway sandwiches

17 Subway Employees Share the Most Awful Sandwiches They Ever Had to Make

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failblog roasted by pop tarts

Fail Blog Lives Up To Its Name, Gets Hilariously Toasted By Pop-Tarts On Twitter

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twitter ridicuous dinner social media food salad - 6528773

People Are Bonding Over Salad's Being Time-Consuming In This Ridiculous Twitter Thread

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People Naturally Can't Stop Making Fun Of Ridiculous Snobby Food Trend, 'Hand Salad'

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Just Let Me Watch TV and Eat Hot Pockets In Peace

image hot pockets salad Just Let Me Watch TV and Eat Hot Pockets In Peace
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Every Kiss Begins With Kale

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You and the Joke Are in Different Zipcodes

thats the joke whoops food bacon salad failbook g rated - 8483005696
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The World's Greatest Fruit Salad

wine funny salad after 12 - 8478731008
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Free Advice

McDonald's salad wrong number - 5873105664
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I'll Have a Tasty Beer Salad

beer and hops make a great salad
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That's Not How One of Those Things Works

monday thru friday FAIL acronym salad - 8386181632
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You Can Be an Expert at That?

butt stuff t shirts sexy times funny salad - 8339745536
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Take That, Health Movement!

bacon food salad failbook g rated - 8179973376
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I'll Take It

beer sign hops funny salad after 12 g rated - 8149317120
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Salad is a Loose Term

funny bacon salad - 7534416384
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