Wholeseom thread on opportunity rover | After 15 years Oppy flipping double bird her original 90 day life expectancy planet-spanning dust storm finally knocked her out and she stopped responding engineer's wake-up messages, they started playing music her. And after 8 months and almost 1000 unanswered wake-up messages finally clear Oppy never going wake up last thing these world-class NASA engineers did their little rover on another planet play her love song

Tumblr Thread: NASA's Care for Opportunity Rover is a Feels Expedition

Hope you're somewhere better, Oppy.
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After a Long and Fruitful Life, the Mars Rover "Opportunity" Is Dead

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China's Yutu Rover Patrols the Moon

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What Goes on the Mars 2020 Rover

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Opportunity Has Driven 25 Miles on Mars Breaking the Rover Distance Record!

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Curiosity Celebrates its First Martian Year

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Curiosity Is Looking a Little Dusty

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Curiosity Never Gets to Have Any Fun

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China's Moon Rover Has Technical Difficulties

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A Smooth HD Re-Look at Curiosity's Landing

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China Launches It's First Moon Rover

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The Job of Which I'm Most Jealous

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Dusting the Surface of Mars

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Astrophysics 571: Up all Night, Like this, All Night

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Middle School on Mars

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