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Roof Snow Clearing Is Catastrophic And Effective

Sure, someone could try to go up there and carefully scrape all the snow off by hand, but that might be too slow and dangerous. This method is obviously more effective, much faster, and it gets points for spectacle.
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roof FAIL birthday lazy Party Spider-Man funny avengers fall - 397574

Painfully Unathletic Spider-Man Crashes Kid's Birthday

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roof collapse hockey - 84764161

Watch This Really Rude Roof Collapse and Totally Ruin This Indoor Hockey Game

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It's Not Always a Good Idea to Branch Out Clearing the Snow Off the Roof

Via AaronFireMan

You Don't Need Ankles to Do Parkour

Via soulofhell
wind roof FAIL building Video - 80464897

The Wind Will Huff and Puff and Blow Your Roof Down

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roof brazil alcohol FAIL monkey Video - 78288641

The Only Way to Make a Drunk Monkey Story Better is to Give it a Knife!

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You're Using "Fixed" Very Loosely

roof FAIL work Kludge there I fixed it - 8602987520
By nicole.vivian

Some Should Have Chopped Just a Few More Logs for the Pile

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roof instagram pool basketball trick Video win - 73493249

This Guy Makes an Awesome Roof-To-Pool Slam Dunk

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Really Didn't Think That One Through Did Ya?

roof painter paints himself into a corner fail
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Stay Up You Damn Gutter!

broom gutter prop roof - 6379087872
By sean

It's Snow Problem!

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Parking is Free on Sundays, Right?

roof douchebag parkers how cars fail nation g rated - 8120794112
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So... Watcha Doin' Up There Buddy?

Kyle coming downstair from upstairs by punching thru the drywall
Via I Heart Chaos

At Least he Got Sick on the Other Side of the Roof

funny passed out sick roof - 7992218368
By Unknown
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