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Wife Serves Fake Meat to Meat-Loving Husband and Son, They Freak Out, Sparks Voracious Online Debate

This wife and her daughters decided to play a trick on the male members of the household, who held a ridiculous disdain for any meat alternatives. (They clearly have been taking one too many pages out of Ron Swanson's book.)
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Guy's coworker pulls a Ron Swanson and proceeds to replace organization with her own | r/ProRevenge Join u/TatonkaJack 23h My coworker destroyed PTA worked state senator's office with very smart and capable mom. She senator's aide but only part year and fairly certain she didn't really have career apart But incredibly capable.This lady would always surprise with things she had done. Like once she casually mentioned time she had gone some conference Australia give speech and like "wait

Coworker Pulls A Ron Swanson, Replaces PTA With Her Own Organization

The Karens weren't ready for her.
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Guy's Wholesome Twitter Thread Explains How His Dad Is Asian Ron Swanson

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Guy Shares Hilarious Stories About His Dad, Who's Basically Ron Swanson

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It's 5 O'clock Always

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This is Very True

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Tiny Hats=Drunk

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This Is Honest Literary Criticism

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Win One Award and You're Set

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There's Always That One Customer...

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Ron Swanson Age 4

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Ultimate Hangover Cure

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You're Damn Right

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That's the Power of the Mug!

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What Just Happened...

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The Ron Swanson Special

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