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Person applies to college claiming to be a race from dungeons and dragons | r/tifu Posted by stplkinatmswn TIFU Unknowingly Applying College as Fictional Race. So little backstory my knowledge just about 8th Native American. My parents didn't raise spiritual or anything but knew they did have little shrine they liked keep some things and whatever just part house had friends ask about and nothing crazy.

Person Accidentally Applies to College as Fictional Race from Dungeons and Dragons

The problems of having nerd parents.
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A collection of greentext gems about the world of Dungeons & Dragons | Anonymous party is forced into eating at vegan lunch do? my Dragonborn fighter looks at his plate with disdaine he decides pick up and throw on ground he yells at host DO LOOK LIKE FUCKING IGUANA host falls speechless my party begins glare at bard pipes up with mean, kinda

D&D Greentext Gems Mined From The Dungeons

Tales from the wild world of D&D.
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bethseda skyrim memes

The Bethesda The Best Skyrim Memes We Could Find

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