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20+ Signs that mean serious business

It's often said that for every rule, there is a story. Someone, somewhere, did something, and someone else made certain that thing was never going to happen again. The same is often true for signs; no one goes around posting them at random. No, a sign is only posted with a purpose; just sometimes, it's incredibly vague or confusing as to what that purpose was or why it needed to be a purpose at all. Well, these signs are here, and they mean serious business. As I look at each of these, I can't…
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The Most Bizarre Sign Fails This Week (October 7, 2022)

The Most Bizarre Sign Fails This Week (October 7, 2022)

As long as there are signs, there will always be fails
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27 images of funny signs and flyers | thumbnail left text exchange printed out "Whiskey Business Today 10:47 PM Hey Oscar! It's Tony..can you make a flyer for our new Happy Hour? Sure, no prob. Send me the details. $4 Ketel One $4 Miller Lite 22oz $4 Lettuce Wraps $4 Jim Beam Shots What time does it start? Mon-Fri 3pm-6pm !!! Done & done buddy Delivere" thumbnail right sonic sign " SONIC America's Drive-In CHICKEN LOSES JOB CHICKEN IS BROKE CHICKEN STRIPS $3.79 "

27 Funny Signs And Flyers To Glance And Laugh At During Lunchbreak

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Don't Drink and Spell

drinking signs road signs funny - 7354846976

You Have to Go Even Slower When They Stop Working?

monday thru friday sign contradiction road work road signs speed limit g rated - 8292789248
Via TechAlum2006

Hopefully That's FINALLY Clear Enough

road signs traffic lights there I fixed it - 7963640320
Via Izismile

Too Many Choices

driving road signs traffic - 5954882304

Derpy Traffic

road signs traffic - 7935857664

The Internet is Leaking Again

driving road signs g rated monday thru friday - 7928223744

This is Worse Than "Slow Children at Play"

driving signs road signs - 7906569472

Dude... That's Deep...

cemetery road signs - 7896381440

False Advertising

driving road signs - 7885619456

Somehow I Doubt This Will Get Me Where I Want to Go

road signs there I fixed it - 7828194048
Created by thenasch

If You Say So

road signs parking - 6378535936

That Explains It

road work road signs funny there I fixed it - 7742860544
Created by craig.pitts

Which Way to Watsville?

road signs wat - 6527586048
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