brazil road wtf cars road rage ridiculous dumb - 107554049

Dashcam Catches A Road Rage Door Fight In Brazil

One reason not to have gull wings, apparently.
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video of cars hitting a pothole

Camera Catches Highlights of Sinister Pothole

The smart car got some air.
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scary terrible road Blood creepy interesting cars truck stories awful weird - 7962629

11 Freaked Out Individuals Share The Creepiest Thing They've Seen on The Road

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bicycle biking road FAIL accident cars bicycling safety karma - 96030977

"Pay Attention" Cyclist Gets Instant Karma

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rules of driving people forget

14 Rules of the Road that Idiots Seem to Forget

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scary warning sign forklift road danger gross signs strange violent dangerous funny funny signs weird - 6953221

20 Spooky Signs That Are Scarier than They Have the Right to Be

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road wheel cars reckless tire driver truck dangerous funny - 436230

Driver Unfazed by Tire Falling Off

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road wheelie motorcycle - 84825601

Watch This Dude Go From Wheelie to Whoopsie in Five Seconds

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One Road Painter's Misspelling is Another Man's Opportunity For a Bird Joke

funny fail image misspelled road sign leads to bird joke
Via @DrMuttley

Forever a Road FAIL

forever alone sign road irony - 6770354688
By Unknown

There Is Only Big FAIL

construction engineer engineering Hall of Fame road - 5902508288
By Unknown

Bunny Roadkill

bunny corset rabbit road - 5080764928
By liisas

Cars Will Find a Way

road there I fixed it - 8436609536
Via Acid Cow

Someone Never Learned to Color Inside the Lines

monday thru friday road paint painting - 8416923648
Via Daily Picks and Flicks

A Crappy Thing to Leave in the Road

monday thru friday road port a potty - 8355369984
Via Izismile

There Are No Words for This

road you had one job what - 8400574976
Via grailly
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