absurd and scary safety failures that defy OSHA

Safety Failures Of OSHA-Defying Boldness

Don't do this.
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stupid and unsafe things guys did

Unsafe Maneuvers From Those Tempting Fate

Paging Mr. Darwin.
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things people did because they were afraid of missing out.

Regrettable and Rewarding Things People Did Out of FOMO

It can go either way.
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Stories of big risks people took for a stupid reason | mingk 409 points 3 days ago Licked raw chicken prove not all chicken had Salmonella.

People's Dumbest "High Risk Low Reward" Moments

We'll do stupid things to make a small point.
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Safety fails of people in dangerous situations and on high ladders | person sitting on top of a tower of barrels balanced on a forklift in order to reach a street light. man using a circular saw with out any safety equipment with all the sparks flying on another person.

Safety Fails That Would Make OSHA Faint

These precarious situations are literally not safe for work.
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fun games risk honest life jokes childhood battleship nostalgia monopoly parody mouse trap - 7493125

14 Honest Game Titles That Cut to the Heart of Childhood

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wholesome risk dogs highway cars saved save win - 420614

Brave Guy Saves Scared Dog from Highway

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risk stunts FAIL compilation Video fall - 381190

This "Hold My Beer" Fail Compilation is An Ode to Risk-Taking

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Worth The Risk

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Well Played

risk school I see what you did there test - 8312838656
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This Table is Designed to Ruin Friendships

risk design board games g rated win - 8185356288
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Looks Like They Got a Point for It

Text - Write an example of a risk This
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risk behavior particles funny - 52511233

The Safety of Strange Particles

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Can't Be Done!

movies Aliens australia risk - 6698610176
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WIN!: Game of Thrones RISK WIN

board game Game of Thrones nerdgasm risk - 6530195712
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Risky WIN

answer clever education response risk test - 5505241344
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