Video of someone trying to stop a riot in Berkeley using a Pepsi challenge and fails horribly.

Brave Idiot Tries to Stop Berkeley Riot With Pepsi, and Fails Hilariously

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riot fight wheelchair basketball Video - 79959809

A Huge Fight Broke Out at a Wheelchair Basketball Game Because People Are the Worst

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"I'm Not Racist, I Just Really Love Burning Chicken"

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whoops riot soccer Video police - 69710593

That Awkward Soccer Hooligan Moment Where You Throw a Trash Can at Your Buddy and Not the Police

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military riot Video police fail nation - 69205761

How the Maltese Military Practices for Riots

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Things Were WAY BETTER Back in the Totalitarian Days

Protest riot politics - 8408745216
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bad idea riot Video sports soccer - 60744193

Security is, How do You Say... Light... at This Slovakian Soccer Game

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Peaceful Violence

violence riot - 7113764864
Created by Unknown

The Ultimate Riot Gear

beer cops party time police riot - 6061959424
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Ain't No Party Like a Final Four Party 'Cause a Final Four Party is ACTUALLY A RIOT

basketball college Party riot - 6031045632
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Hacked IRL: Halt, Citizen

door graffiti hacked irl police Protest riot Street Art - 5769761536
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celebration oh Japan police riot soccer Video - 31100673

Polite Celebrating WIN

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Riot Cleaning WIN

community riot - 5067946240
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Make While as the World Burns

kissing making out outside riot street - 4876315648
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The Vancouver Riots: Exhibit "B"

evidence facepalm hockey riot - 4874513920
Via Vancouver 2011 Riot Criminal List

Bottle Opener WIN

alcohol beer disobedience happy hour Protest riot - 4426813696
Created by Unknown
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