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This Reporter Learns Why You Should Always Wear a Helmet (The Hard Way)

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All This Kid Will Want For Christmas Will Be Those Front Teeth Back

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Genius Knocks Himself Out When Pool Stick Breaks In Half

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Just When You Thought You Were Going to Be Cool...

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Not a Big Fan of Thinking Things Through, Huh?

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Pro Tip: Try Catching a Ball With Basically Anything But Your Face

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Holding The Door Goes Both Way

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When Sunday Evening Sneaks Up Like...

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The Double Front Flip Faceplant


Think Fast, in Slow Motion

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Last in Line, But He Got the Closest View

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If You Ever Get Poison Ivy in Your Eyes, Make Sure Your Loved Ones are Around to Enjoy Your Look

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Mountain Biking Faceplant POV

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This Woman Must Not Be an Ace of the Base Fan Because She Didn't See the Sign, But it Did Open Her Eyes (Afterwards)

funny fail gif drunk woman walks into sign
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When Your Competitive Nature Blows Up in the Your Face

The Best Viewpoint is One Where the Action Comes to You

funny fail gif rally car loses tire on turn and hits cameraman
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