A quick Tumblr post appreciates riddles | teaboot love weirdly specific rules go with answering riddle. Like Have Two Eyes But Cannot See Am And answer's supposed be word 'iridescent' because 'two s' right, but like. Why can't answer be like guy with really bad cataracts. Someone wearing blindfold. My uncle's dog. Like why does gotta be deep teaboot have face but no eyes lips or nose am Slenderman. Next

A Quick Tumblr Post Appreciating Riddles

Riddles are a ball.
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People describe the best riddles that they've ever heard of | Underwhelming Twin 5h maker doesn't want buyer doesn't use user doesn't know

The Best Riddles That People Know

My head hurts.
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Well What's the Answer, Smart Guy?

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I'm Still Working on It.

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Where'd I Put That Calculator?

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