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employee accidentally leaves rick roll link on government flyer | Posted by u/CapablePerformance TIFU by accidentally rickrolling eight cities M currently work my local government their communications department making videos, fliers, social media posts, and pretty much everything else they need. Part job involves putting placeholder text and links since be told need link this resource but 's not available

Employee Accidentally Rickrolls Eight Cities

Oopsie daisy.
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Music covers rick roll Video - 82452737

Watch the Past Get Rick Rolled by This Vintage Cover of 'Never Gonna Give You Up'

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Music rick roll Video win - 79215105

You Should Know Exactly What Song This Cover is Of, But You're Going to Listen to it Anyways

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That's Dedication

school funny rick roll That's Dedication
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Extra Credit? Nah, Just Getting Rick Rolled.

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I Think Two Redditors Just Made a Powerful Connection Here

clever rick roll Reddit - 8250254848
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Check Out Those Spines for a Cool Hidden Message From Your Friendly Neighborhood Bookstore!

books rick roll reading is sexy g rated win - 8235698176
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Two S's, Because You Always Want More!

business puns rick roll sign - 8143968000
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The Original Rick Roll Had Much Lower Success Rates

record rick roll pink floyd troll Music g rated - 7779326464

Classic: Academic Astley

trolling rick roll science ocd funny - 7666561280

Language Trolling

english language rick roll rolling - 7340615424

Rolled by Dinner

fortune cookie rick roll food g rated win - 6992304384
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Music FAILS: Are YOU the 21 Percent?

Hall of Fame rick astley rick roll rickroll - 6437276160

School of Fail: Your Brain Loves to Rick Roll at the Worst Moments

finals g rated rick roll School of FAIL tests - 6214166528

If Only Rihanna Sang About Species of the Proboscidea Genus

lyrics rick roll school test - 6209519616

Music FAILS: Jesus-Rolled

faith god g rated Music FAILS rick roll - 5972672768
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