Funny Keanu Reeves Puns | Keanu Reeves is gardener 13:50 Keanu leaves 13:50 Keanu Reeves studies hard and does very well on his leaving cert 13:51 CO Keanu Achieves 13:51 But mostly 13:52 Keanu Bereaves 13:52 Keanu Reeves takes up piracy and raids villages plunder 13:52 Keanu Reaves | Keanu Reeves is very angry and cant do anything about 13:54 Keanu Seethes 13:54 Keanu converts Catholicism Keanu Believes 13:54 Keanu Reeves plays piece music reminiscent an earlier piece 13:54 Keanu Reprise 13:54

Keanu Reeves Brain Hurricane Results In Too Many Keanu Puns

Roll up those Keanu sleeves.
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Tumblr thread about rhyming with purple turns into dirty history lesson | gallusrostromegalus S aerialsquid Follow satanpositive Roses are red much is true, but violets are purple, not fucking blue. feels fictional have been waiting this post all my life. marzipanandminutiae They are indeed purple, But one thing missed concept purple" Didn't always exist. Some cultures lack names color see. Hence good old Homer And his "wine-dark sea."

Tumblr Thread On Purple Rhymes Goes Off The Rails

Would you expect anything else?
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I Like to Rhyme All the Time

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Failbook: Playing Comment Gaaaaaaames

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What That Means

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