Trump MAGA ornament's getting mercilessly roasted on Amazon with hilarious reviews.

Trump MAGA Ornament's Getting Mercilessly Roasted On Twitter With Hilarious Reviews

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The reviews for this huge Teddy Bear are absolutely hilarious.

The Reviews For This HUGE Teddy Bear Are Comedy Gold

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tifu story Dude Tries to Use Hair Removal 'Down There' and Is Filled With Instant Regret, Leaves Hilarious Amazon Review

Dude Tries to Use Hair Removal 'Down There' and Is Filled With Instant Regret, Leaves Hilarious Amazon Review

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Guy with wild imagination leaves a ridiculous Amazon review for a huge tub of "Passion Lube."

Guy Leaves Legendary Amazon Review For 55-Gallon Tub Of Passion Lube

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Snowman horror movie ends up inspiring wave of ridiculous memes after terrible reviews.

Snowman Movie Triggers Storm Of Ruthless Memes After Horribly Brutal Reviews

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When You Gotta Have That Quick Energy Boost

reviews ridiculous funny energy - 9060584704
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Woman's terrible food review ends up coming back to haunt her in hilarious way.

Woman's Terrible Food Review Comes Back to Haunt Her In Best Way Possible

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sex toys amazon reviews

10 Hilariously Angry Amazon Reviews of Sex Toys

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Still One of Our Favorite Funny Amazon Reviews to Date!

Funny Amazon review of the Incredible Hulk hands toy.
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Guy looking for gas mask comes across a very funny review for one on Amazon.

Guy Looking For Gas Mask Stumbles Across Comedic Gem of a Review On Amazon

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Guy leaves hilariously honest Amazon review about a hair removal product that will make you laugh till you cry.

Guy's Hilariously Honest Hair Removal Amazon Review Will Leave You In Tears

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Wonderfully Accurate Review Going On Here

Funny Amazon review for keyboard is super accurate and very entertaining.
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Oblivious mom leaves hilarious review for a sex product she thought was a kid's toy.

Oblivious Mom Leaves Glowing Review For a Sex Toy She Mistook as Toy For Her Kids

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The People At Transit Are SAVAGE

Picture showing the people at Transit being ridiculously mean.
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reviews wonder woman DC comedy superheroes funny Video - 86680577

Comedian's Spoiler-Free Review of Wonder Woman Is As Epic As the Movie Itself

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Top ten times people left crazy Yelp reviews.

Top 10 Times Yelp Reviews Got Completely Out of Hand

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