entitled people and their bold irrational demands

Entitled People and Their Ceaseless Demands

Gotta love it.
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strange wishes make-a-wish kids made

Strange Make-A-Wish Wishes Kids Requested

"If that's what you want, okay."
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entitled people and their dumb demands

Entitled People and Their Amazing Demands

Behold, the breathtaking requests!
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The Tips Better be Amazing for Room Service Like This

Via GuiltTripped

Not Just a Spammer, But a Lying Spammer

App chat games request spam - 6439259136

Democracy Inaction

request voting womenamirite wtf - 5903300096
Via -nox-

A Family Request

family request star wars - 5732931072
Created by Unknown
chores crazy things parents say Father mother request - 59751171

Obligations, Always Obligations...

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advice cat crazy things parents say dad pets request texting - 59225859

Abby's Dad Will Have to Clear that With Piggy First

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Acid Rain? Maybe an Acceptable Request. Otherwise...

car customers driving facepalm hotel rage comic rain request - 5412207616
Via Reddit

This Is What He Calls 'Being a Loyal Friend'

friendship request - 5336292864
Created by clairethemerciless

That's a Clever Way of Saying "I Quit"

i quit job quitting request time off - 5324708352
Created by Unknown

Alex Needs to Understand How Important Philly Cheese Steak is to this Company's Health

boss food lunch manager notice request sales sandwich training - 5304938240
Created by Unknown

You'll Take What You can Get

art box dinosaur drawing kids art Parenting Fail request - 5274094080
Created by Unknown
crazy things parents say grandma rage request rude troll - 57605891

Grandma Won't Take Public Littering of Any Kind

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Dino Packaging

comments delivery dinosaur drawing packaging request - 5177060096
Created by summerofevidence
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