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Scummy Landlord Demands Extra Month's Rent On Move-Out, Wants to Keep Deposit Too, Guy Shuts Them Down

This predatory landlord has attempted to extort their tenant out of an additional month's rent and employed shady strategies to try and keep their deposit. This story was posted to Reddit's r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit by Reddit user u/YerTime, who shared the story of their compliance with their landlord's exploitative terms. Comments focused on the legalities surrounding this shady practice, which far too many opportunistic landlords utilize. “In some states what they did is blatantly illeg…
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bad roommate stories

30 People Share Their Worst Roommate Experiences

It's the worst.
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Landlord uses the rules to take down some terrible tenants | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/nygibs 1y 1 2 S 4 Tenant asking Landlord Be More Professional L am small-time Landlord, with just 4 tenants. Earlier this year had two sisters didn't respond my requests add gal's husband lease, though he living with them. Not BIG deal but did mention pit bull they also brought home, without permission DO allow pets, and had previously approved their other dog asked nicely person and by email months leading

Tenants Break All The Rules, Ask Landlord To Be More Professional

Oh, they had to go.
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Engineering company rents equipment instead of buying it and wastes tens of thousands of dollars | Posted by u/calladus 2 days ago 97 3 6 15,000 equipment is too expensive department purchase. Why don't just rent 48,000 year oc M Back days 33.6kbps modems were hot shit worked engineering department growing company. This company had started small privately owned, and VPs had all put portion their own money start company. By this time story, they were finally making respectable 30-40 million year

Management Pays Rent On Equipment, Wastes Tens of Thousands

Wonderful strategy.
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Entitled manipulative son cancels mom's job interview and tries to sell her house so he can live rent free at college | Posted by u/Aita333645__ AITA kicking my son out my house after he cancelled my job interview? Not hole Please hear out first single mom (45 20 year old son (Chris) Chris is college. He studies engineering. Being single mom at young age not easy Despite everything been through. Despite my own family giving up on made sure my son got life he deserves

Manipulative Son Tries To Sell Mom's House, Cancels Her Job Interview

Whoa buddy that's a lot to unpack.
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Jerk subletter tries to pin guy with damages and it backfires.

Guy's Terrible Subletter Tries To Pin Him With Damages, Totally Backfires

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guy gets off his ex's lease

Desperate Guy Devises Genius Plan To Get Himself Off of Manipulative Ex's Lease

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Man stands up against his landlord

Guy Stands Up To His Incompetent Landlord

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I Knew I Should Have Been a Computer Instead

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Your Rent Doesn't Cover Concierge Either

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Is Her Rent Late?

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True Love

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Looking for an Apartment in Manhattan?

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Does He Share Your Taste in Musicals? Sorry, It IS Too Good to Be True

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You Need the Maximum Amount of Minimum Wage to Afford Rent

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