Veteriniarians as a reindeer question on facebook and it gets bigger than that | Horse Vet Corner Maggie Knox have question our wonderful VETS only please. This is not an emergency by any means, and is bit unusual: My children are very concerned about Santa's reindeer getting laminitis due overeating candy canes, cookies, and carrots. Are caribou prone founder like horses been unable find any information on subject elsewhere on internet. Please delete this without thought if this question. Paula

Vets Around The World Responded To Kids' Question About Santa's Reindeer

Keeping the magic alive!
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reindeer fight Video animals - 85943297

This Footage of a Reindeer Fighting a Wolverine In Deep Snow Is Better Than Any MMA Fight In Existence

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Save This Idea For Next Year

balls christmas sweaters christmas reindeer poorly dressed g rated - 8411874304
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christmas reindeer santa funny Video - 84210945

Turns Out Santa and His Reindeer Companion Make for One Kickass Biker Team

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Bjorn The Reindeer Secures A Spot On The Naughty List With His Latest Jailbreak

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christmas reindeer FAIL driving facebook Video police - 153863

Did This Kentucky Policeman Just Hit a Flying Deer?!

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Any Animal Can Fly if You Believe and Try Hard Enough

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Drink in Some Christmas Spirits

christmas beer reindeer funny - 8411014400
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Let Your Sweater Be as Drunk as You Are

reindeer drunk whiskey funny - 8409525760
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When What to My Wondering Eyes Should Appear...

christmas hair reindeer poorly dressed googly eyes g rated - 8405905152
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Only Thing Better Than a Reindeer Sweater is a Reindeer-in-Sunglasses Sweater

christmas sunglasses reindeer poorly dressed sweater christmas sweaters - 8404416256
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He Just Kept Getting Blizted

reindeer drunk funny liquor store - 8407966464
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Not Everything About Christmas is Jolly

christmas reindeer poorly dressed santa - 8404220672
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Santa and His Yuengdeer

christmas beer reindeer funny - 8393874944
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Okay, Who's the Wise Guy Who Did This Display?

monday thru friday christmas reindeer retail decoration g rated - 8391851520
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Looking For a Hat to Go With Your Christmas Sweater?

beanie reindeer poorly dressed christmas sweaters hat - 8393023488
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