"Math" is a Pretty Decent Tip

monday thru friday tips work math receipt g rated - 8193369600
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I'm Sorry, Sir, But This Doesn't Match the Signature on the Card

666 satan monday thru friday receipt waiter work tips - 8169231616
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The Only Way to Improve a Donut Receipt

donuts receipt mitch hedberg g rated win - 8168508672
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No Return Policy on This Tattoo

fast food McDonald's receipt tattoos fail nation g rated - 8123211008
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Come Back Tomorrow For a New One!

monday thru friday jokes work yo mama receipt - 8104111872
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At Least it Wasn't All in Pennies?

monday thru friday work cashier fast food receipt - 8096578816
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Free Smiles!

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You Better Tip For That Service

thats what she said restaurant if you know what i mean funny receipt - 7635139584
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Rumor Has It He Was Real Sorry Aboot the Cancellation

Canada hockey funny receipt - 7438470912
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Canadians Take Their Hockey Very Seriously

oh canada hockey receipt funny - 7435873280
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I Bet You're Like This With All the Customers!

receipt - 7414145280
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Tipping WIN

random act of kindness tip restaurant receipt - 7056126720
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Wow That Was Free?

wat free receipt - 7026599168
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They Definitely Overcharged For That

diarrhea gross receipt fail nation - 6959666176
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Restaurant Gives Customers a 50 Percent Discount After Calling Them "Fat Girls" on Their Receipt

receipt monday thru friday g rated - 6866447104
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