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'I was having my main character moment': Summer camp student gets unjustly marked tardy after walking into class a few seconds late; she epically rebels by ditching class immediately

Good students feel guilty about being late to class. When we're young, the ‘people pleaser’ and goody-two-shoes in all of us gets fueled by teacher approval and getting gold stars, but deep down, there's always a spicy rebel just waiting to be unleashed.
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AITA for making a dad joke?

Update: 'AITA for making a dad joke?': Father tells rebellious daughter a truly epic dad joke, but his family doesn't find it funny

What would we ever do without our family? As a dad, there are several duties you have to do (aside from childcare, chores, etc.) You have to have a pair of “dad sneakers” that you'll wear for 20 years to any and all occasions. You have to pick a single household item to monitor very closely ("Don't touch that thermostat!"). And then, you have to deliver a steady supply of groan-inducing, completely unnecessary, and very silly dad jokes. This guy is nailing the jokey side of fatherhood, even tho…
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Ways students rebelled at school | posted by Acceptable-Living Last year our school fetched ban on backpacks and bags general since they were apparently safety hazard" two days later some guy my yeargroup comes carrying his books and pencil case microwave. Dude made national news

Ways People Rebelled Against Unfair School Rules

Some rules are dumb.
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Rebellious Rabble Rousers That Don't Give a F*ck About School

13 Rebellious Rabble Rousers That Don't Give a F*ck About School

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How to Beat the System

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He Doesn't Care SO MUCH That He'll Spend a Lot of Time Telling You About it

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Do You Meetings Ever Turn Up This Way?

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Take That, Nerds!

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We Found Them. We Found the Leet Haxxors.

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Trust No One, Kid

twitter rebel we got a badass over here failbook - 8414097664
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Watch Out, This Kid CLEARLY Doesn't Respect Authority

cops rebel we got a badass over here failbook - 8408760320
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You Must be so Brave and Rebellious Posting About This

too soon attention rebel so brave - 8402595072
Created by Unknown

Yes, Let the Salt Flow...

cringe instagram rebel edgy - 8395027200
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"I'm Doing it for the Reblogs, MOM"

drugs tumblr rebel parenting edgy failbook - 8377214720
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Such a Brave, Visionary, View of Women

brave wisdom rebel men vs women - 8377203200
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This Blistering Satire Brought to You By Kyle, Age 12

dude parts rebel so brave barack obama edgy - 8374874368
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