Tumblr thread on Magenta and the human brain

Tumblr Thread: Magenta Doesn't Exist, It's Just The Brain Doing Its Best

Thanks, brain.
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hilarious continents wtf lesson country city tv shows reality geography dumb reality tv funny stupid - 107437313

The Love Island Contestant Who Insisted Essex Was A Continent

Prepare to lose some brain cells.
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things movies make look fun but aren't

Activities That Look Fun In Movies But Are Actually Terrible

There are some leaps in logic.
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things about our universe that make it seem like it's a simulation | Chinpokomono Baader-Meinhof phenomenon learn something new seems like see everywhere right after Like video game learn some new move then is immediately applicable life. RectumPiercing 18.7k points 21 hours ago O 82 8 7 More Motherfucker just telling someone about Baader-Meinhof phenomenon couple hours ago

People's Best Clues that We're Living in The Matrix

It's all a simulation, man.
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Tumblr thread provides historical data and shows how we question reality for being too unrealistic | tilthat TIL Tiffany Problem Tiffany is medieval name-short Theophania 12th century. Authors can't use historical or fantasy fiction, however, because name looks too modern. This is an example reality is sometimes too unrealistic. via

Reality Is Too Unrealistic In Historical Tumblr Thread

History is actually fun in this thread.
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the matrix weird

22 Mind-Blowing Glitches In The Matrix To Rattle Your Grasp On Reality

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holidays gifs list twitter reality - 1316869

People Are Having Trouble Adjusting to Reality After the Long Holiday Break

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Math Flirting Never Goes as Planned

love reality math dating - 8760847616
By Unknown

Research Marketing vs Reality

facebook reality research Cats animals - 8598517760
By thequeenofcastile

Instagram vs Reality

Via SeriesOfAdjectives

The Bitter Reality of Grad School

funny Sad reality grad student g rated School of FAIL - 8015784448
By Unknown
expectations funny Party reality after 12 - 57321473

What Were Your New Years Eve Night's Expectations?

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Sorry to Hear That, Bro

class boring reality science Chemistry - 7873357824
By Unknown

School Is for Reality

school reality funny - 7572907264
By Unknown

Reality Bites

graduation reality tears - 4894052096
By Unknown

Reality is AWESOME

mac and cheese iPhones reality - 7166065920
By Unknown
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