funny library humor

Librarian Humor That Looks Way Different With No Glasses

Like, it's way blurrier.
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Coraline too scary Neil Gaiman Tumblr thread

Tumblr Thread: Neil Gaiman Weighs In On Coraline Being Too Scary

In his own words.
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An entertaining Tumblr thread about how literary coincidences can end up getting authors in hot water.

Tumblr Thread: Literary Coincidences Get Authors In Hot Water

Those best guesses can end up being quite risky.
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A bookworm student has their book confiscated, and then their master plan springs into action.

Bookworm Student Has Book Confiscated, Master Plan Springs Into Action

Bookworms unite.
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Dumb and bad failures of spelling | just saw my double banger on bad parenting 's double banger? someone who looks exactly like like double, because all have at least one person world looks like oh is called Doppleganger. Kev is allah cart? Lmaooo restaurant, is allah cart s la carte cement head

Regrettable and Dumb Spelling Fails

Spelling is hard.
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A mean teacher won't believe student, so student takes revenge by reading all the books | r/ProRevenge u/Anonamaton 2y Join 3 Yes, Mrs. Smith can F*CKING read. Hello all! l'm not sure pro my fifth grader ass but this miserable 6-year-period my education still kinda pisses off, even today. Please forgive necessary backstory don't know why, but some reason teachers and administrators who ran my strict Catholic elementary school decided lying about my reading/writing abilities.

Mean Teacher Won't Believe Student, Student Proves Teacher Wrong

Feel kind of bad for Cathy though.
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A librarian shares their various insights about the general public in a Twitter thread | 21st Century Gorgon 2 @grumpwitch Things have learned about general public whilst working at library: 1 huge number people under 20 can't read face clocks, having grown with only digital one. dn 2. Many people don't know spell "library s our email address. This causes problems 16:41 15/05/2019 Twitter Android 11.2K Retweets 26.2K Likes

Twitter Thread: Librarian's Insights About The General Public

Save those libraries!
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school books doodles

12 Brilliantly Vandalized School Text Books That Doodled Smiles on Our Faces

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learning obvious things late in life

27 Times People Had Common Knowledge Explained to Them Way Too Late

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FAIL reading books ridiculous interview Video - 400646

People On The Street Are Asked To Name ANY Book And Fail Hilariously

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funny spelling fails

22 Disastrous Spelling Fails That You Can Read Good Right Now

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Guy goes on ridiculous Twitter rant about why libraries are the best.

Angry Guy Goes On Ridiculously Inspired Rant About Why Libraries Are The BEST

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reading swearing cute parenting Video - 83606785

Watching This Adorable Little Boy Trying So Hard Not to Swear, is So Cute It'll Make Your Day

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reading parenting books Video win - 83024385

An Adorable Book-Loving 12 Year-Old Made an Awesome Stop-Motion Trailer For Her Favorite Series

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Sometimes You Feel Like a Spunow, Sometimes You Don't

candy FAIL reading classic - 8815304960
Via Blakjac

Just Showing the Tip

FAIL reading magazine classic - 8805493504
Via TonyMustang
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