An entertaining Tumblr thread about how tough Linguini's life was in "Ratatouille." | sunshine-zenith Follow Okay but like. Ratatouille Linguini's perspective tho some broke, awkward guy his twenties who can't keep job down point Know letter recently dead mom wrote her also dead famous friend's coworker contains Something about giving employment. So march yourself down this fancy restaurant, submit yourself verbal whiplash, fork over might've been last thing mother ever wrote, and become lowly

Tumblr Thread: Linguini Was The Unbreakable Champion Of "Ratatouille"

Such a great movie.
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Grumpy Dad Gets Makeover, Looks Exactly Like "Ratatouille" Food Critic

Definitely nailed it.
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Tumblr analyzes Pixar movies Ratatouille and The Incredibles timelines | thestuffedalligator year did events Pixar's Ratatouille occur They do not give specific year, but film offers lot information if look. There are no computers, celphones, or internet, so know takes place prior PC revolution 95 is not contemporary with its release date 2007. Skinner and Linguini share bottle 61 Château Latour so is absolute earliest year film can take place Rather than go down list clues with their pros and

Tumblr Thread: Extreme Analysis of the Ratatouille Timeline

Tumblr goes hard.
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A quick and educational Tumblr thread on the hidden meaning of Ratatouille's Chef Boyardee scene | upontheshelfreviews There's hidden level brilliance this moment: Chef Boyardee is known today his cheap out can pasta, but his native Italy he renowned expert chef. He reduced face microwaveable eateries after his death. Sound like anyone else this movie?

Tumblr Thread: Significance Of Ratatouille's Chef Boyardee Scene

What a cinematic masterpiece.
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