funny rare and unique insults

Rare Insults That Decimated People Creatively

Haven't heard that one before.
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strange and rare things people are in the 1% of

Intriguingly Rare Populations People Are In The 1% Of

Everyone's got a thing.
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strange moments and coincidences that people can't logically explain | That_Weird_Girl_107 10 days ago edited 10 days ago 2 3 3 3 3 hit patch black ice dark going 60mph down highway. At time drove 1 ton cargo van hit guard rail and flipped. Not only did walk away without scratch car drivable and only 30 min late work.

Strange Events People Can't Logically Explain

Sometimes it's too freaky.
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rare events and unlikely moments | coincidences, five below neon sign with some letters not lighting up sot it spells v b low. woman in a striped shirt matching perfectly with a mug.

Unlikely Occurrences and Rare Moments

So many things happen all the time, it's likely that something unlikely will happen!
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Rare unlikely moments and coincidences that go against the odds | car stuck in electricity power lines high above the ground | woman in movie theater wearing a shirt with the same pattern being projected on the screen

Unlikely Moments that Defied the Odds

Ranging from relatively unlikely to "how did that happen?"
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Rare moments and things that are unlikely to happen.

Rare Moments and Unlikely Events That Go Against The Odds

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