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Only Fox Would Invite Only Men to Discuss Women's Legging Fashion Trend

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This Woman Wants to Restart and End the 'Leggings Aren't Pants' Debate For the Final Time

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"Adam Levine's Wife" Threatened This Shop Owner, and I Can Only Imagine She's on One Hell of a Drug

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This Woman is Upset Over a Wrong Kebab Order, But She Might Have Just Given Donald Trump a New Slogan

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In Case You Needed Another Reason to Delete Your Facebook

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Why Do Brides Wear Anything at all, Really?

Via Lyd_Euh

Not Everybody is on Board With the Wolf-People

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Created by TeknoDemon

Feel the White Hot Rage of a Scientist

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A Texan Cop is in Hot Water After Posting This Food Stamp Rant (With Casual Violent Threat Attached)

cops bad idea rant failbook - 8279594752
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An Angry Rant About Pi

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This Went From Angry to Insane Real Fast

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Via Reddit

Light Years 101

rant science light years funny space g rated School of FAIL - 8012015104
Created by Whiteoverblue
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This News Anchor is Tired of Your Stupid Snowy Patio Pictures

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Internet Rant of the Day: Fugitive Lets Loose on his Facebook Most Wanted Photo

criminal facebook stupid rant - 7902498304
Via The Daily Dot

Dear Bank of America...

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Created by HelloGeneric

Failbook: Why I Unfriended You

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Created by tonyfleming

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