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"It was the least I could do considering all the sh*t I used to steal from here": Dwayne Johnson Buys Hundreds of Candy Bars From His Childhood 7-Eleven in a Wholesome Act of Redemption

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nice moments and wholesome memes

Wholesome Moments That Prove People Are Pretty Alright

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A happy senior mistakes a man's car for a taxi, and a wholesome ride ensues | r/IDontWorkHereLady Join u/somethingwithatwo2 1y 's beautiful day train ride XL Right so this took place way back 2007 my early twenties, working full time at an auto parts store drove white 1982 Nissan Pulsar ancient but no complaints Relevant promise s 7am driving work one morning and pull up at crosswalk allow dog walker pass .

Cheery Senior Mistakes Man's Car For Taxi, Wholesome Ride Ensues

A beautiful random act of kindness.
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The kindest things that people have done or witnessed. | nevermind-stet 15h 7 Awards talking some random guy bar, and he said he having surgery next day and didn't have someone pick him up after ended up driving him there, sitting with him before he went back, calling his parents he got out, sitting with him recovery, picking up his post op meds, driving him home, and making sure he okay before left. Never saw him again, and 's okay. Edit: aww, thanks guys answer couple questions: Dude just grab

AskReddit Thread: Kindest Things People Have Done Or Seen

A little wholesome can go a long way.
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wholesome random act of kindness shoes work boots working stranger facebook - 8533253

Working Dude Gets Help from Stranger's Act of Kindness in 4 Images

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random act of kindness twitter emotional faith in humanity social media - 8147973

A Grateful Woman's Story About The Heroic Kindness Of A Stranger In 8 Tweets

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acts of kindness nobody asked for

14 People Share The Really Annoying Acts Of Kindness They Never Needed

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random act of kindness GoPro Video - 357126

Lost GoPro Records Rare Act Of Kindness

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This Random Act of Kindness at a Denny's was Genuinely Heartwarming

win facebook image man pays for families at dennys after losing his own
Via lovewhatreallymatters

Same-Day Karma

Same-Day Karma
Via Deric Wortham

An Irish Bus Driver's Act of Kindness Will Cheer Up Anyone's Cynical Mood

heartwarming facebook image bus driver in Cork Ireland tied old woman's shoes for her
Via Clara O'Brien

The Kindness of One Target Employee is a Reminder To Us All to Have Patience

heartwarming parenting image mother tells story of patience from Target employee
Via Sarah Owen Bigler

One Woman's Festive Impulse Act of Kindness Got So Popular It Might Become a Tradition

kindness One Woman's Festive Impulse Act of Kindness Got So Popular It Might Become a Tradition
Via Caroline Macrory

Sometimes Public Transportation Can Remind You That People Aren't All That Bad After All

heartwarming facebook post shows old man teaching a young man to tie his tie
Via the telegraph
random act of kindness cute parenting Video win - 72180737

What Could Be Cuter Than a Father and Daughter Teaming Up To Do Random Acts of Kindness to Celebrate Their Birthday?

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random act of kindness bike bus Video g rated win - 71542017

An Eagle-Eyed Bus Passenger Helps Out a Passing Cyclist

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