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The Full Saga Of The Racoon That Tried To Wash Cotton Candy

It actually got it in the end.
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Couple comes to learn that there is a raccoon living in their attic.

Electrician Discovers Unwanted Guest In Couple's Attic, Emotional Rollercoaster Ensues

What a ride.
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A wild Twitter thread about a woman coming home to realize that a raccoon has posted up in her room.

Twitter Thread: Woman Returns Home, Finds Raccoon In Bedroom

Well, that's a bit unusual.
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Raccoon gets stuck in roof. Animal control frees him.

Dude Rescues Raccoon Stuck In Roof

There's a predicament.
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guy mistakenly lets a raccoon into his hammock in twitter thread

Twitter Thread: Dude Accidentally Lets Raccoon Into His Hammock

It happens to the best of us.
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funny news woman finds raccoon in christmas tree video

Woman Woken Up At 4AM To Raccoon Chillin In Christmas Tree

Happy holidays.
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Man accidentally invites a raccoon into his hammock while he's hanging out | Aaron Reynolds @aaronreynolds started new evening ritual leave all my technology inside except my Walkman, and get into hammock back yard and listen an album start finish. My cat has been curious about this new habit, and been trying coax him into hammock

Twitter Thread: Man Unknowingly Invites Raccoon Into Hammock

What a trip.
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Canada ridiculous raccoons funny Video win - 100951297

Most Canadian Man Ever Rescues 11 Raccoons

What seems to be going on here, eh?
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Pictures of wild animals taken at night.

Funny and Weird Night Photos of Animals Taken By Camera Traps (9 Images)

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ladder escape fire smoke nice raccoons win rescue - 98756353

Lucky Raccoons Escape Burning Building Via Ladder

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Coming out of a Long Weekend Like

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Trash Panda's Got a Trick For the Kitties

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creepy hands raccoons Video - 83227393

This Video of Raccoons Begging for Food Might Be the Creepiest Thing You See All Day

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FAIL raccoons Video animals - 81694977

Messing with a Mama Raccoon With Just a Broom is a Brave Idea

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alcohol drunk work raccoons Video - 72015361

What Else Would a Raccoon Do After Breaking Into a Warehouse Full of Alcohol?

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Here Kitty Kitty Kitty...

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