Minecraft player destroys kid's diamonds for no reason

Minecraft Player Reveals Their Most Vile, Underhanded Act

Our faith in humanity was dug up and then buried deeper.
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A funny Quora post about what a guy would do if he was kidnapped by a chess grandmaster.

A Dude's Wildly Imaginative Hot Take On Freeing Himself From Chess Grandmaster

What a Chad.
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A Quora user goes ahead and breaks down the size of the universe.

Quora User Deconstructs The Size Of The Universe

The universe is literal size.
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A collection of funny and ridiculous insights from various people on Quora | Is unfair kick child out house on their 18th birthday, providing they've been warned advance even if their graduation is months off?

The World's Most Clueless Quora Users

Quora brings all kinds of lost souls out of the woodwork.
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A dry ice loophole ends up making a total mockery of a robotics competition.

Dry Ice Loophole Makes Total Mockery Of Robotics Competition

Pure and unadulterated genius.
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Smart Quora user answers a ridiculous question about how bacteria can travel when you spit | spit urinal and there's string saliva, do bacteria have time go inside mouth? Anoop Sinha, Taught microbiology medical undergrads 10 years

Brainiac Answers Ridiculous Question About Bacteria

Maybe a dumb question, but definitely a wonderful response.
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A perspective-shifting story that can change one's view of the world. | Can write something will fundamentally change see world? Neman Ashraf, Police constable Answered Jan 22 Upvoted by Randy Nino, MA Psychology, University California, San Diego (2003) and Madhu Sharma, MA Eng Litt Psychology, Sri Krishnadevaraya University

Man Provides Perspective Shifting Story About Canteen Guy

Just, wow.
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An understanding physics professor calmly dismantles the flat earthers | Let's say don't believe world is round can one prove world is round Pedro Teles, PhD Physics, University Porto Updated Wed Buy ticket Paris. Say arrive at Charles de Gaulle airport. Take RER B Gare du Nord. At Gare du Nord, switch RER metro and take line 4, direction Mairie de Montrouge. Get off at station Réaumur- Sébastopol ll now be on Boulevard Sébastopol, take left or right, depending on where exit

Patient Physics Professor Calmly Dismantles Flat Earthers

Checkmate, flat earthers.
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Grieving owner gets emotional response about cat dying question | My cat died my bedroom while still sleeping, and while couldn't have done anything about feel guilty because might have heard her die do stop feeling guilty about this and move on? 86 ANSWERS Michael Duncan been trained by few. Some my best friends are cats Undated Oct 29 Author has 302 answers

Grieving Cat Owner's Question Makes Way for All These Feels

Thanks for that insight, kind stranger.
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A collection of crazy questions from various people on Quora | fired an employee but he refuses leave. He is still coming office should do? 28 000 Answer Follow Request More

Satirical, Questionable, And Weird Quora Questions

Minecraft is definitely not satanic.
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Professional Mariner has cool quora answer | Quora Open App Sign open ocean, does surface ever go still like glass like lake on windless day?

Professional Mariner Has Cool Quora Answer

*Engage sea captain voice*
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Religious quora question gets answer that details how group psychology works | Quora Open App Sign Why do people get angry try share word God with them only do because care about them deeply and don't want them end up hell feel like some people avoid because this. Is there any way get through them?

Religious Quora User Gets Lesson In Group Psychology

It's all about those in-groups and out-groups.
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A quick Quora post on the implications of saying someone is really smart | Why are so many gifted students and adults underachievers? Riley Anderson, lives My Head Answered Feb 8 Misguided praise so smart seems like an innocent compliment, right s not. As gifted child told constantly becomes part identity s makes special s people like about intelligence are only valued if are smart. Now little, school is easy. Especially don't have try at all, and get every question right on every test s because

Quick Quora Post On The Word "Smart"

Failure doesn't count if you don't try.
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A reckless driver learns their lesson through creative policing | Answer Experiences Life Topic might like is most interesting encounter with police? Andrew Katz Updated Jul 27 18 years old, and driving my mother's car police pulled over Good evening Sir. Do know why pulled over?’

Driver Goes 115 MPH, Learns Lesson Through Creative Policing

An angry mom can be a scary thing.
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A ridiculous Quora thread about a guy falling in love with his girlfriend's mother | watching TV, my girlfriend's mom laid on sofa sitting and put her head on my lap. Did she cross line? 3 Answers Asked Oct 31 Last followed Oct 31 2 Answer Follow 5

Quora Saga: Guy Falls In Love With Girlfriend's Mother

Satire or not, this is gold.
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A Quora answer from a police officer on why cops could be knocking at the door | Is illegal not answer front door if police officer knocks? C Anthony, Police Officer (1998- present) Answered Apr 28 been police officer 20 years. Here are some reasons knocked on someone's door. 1. Because they've called police 2. Because someone has called police on them and now have figure out why.

Quora Answer: Police Officer Lists Reasons For Cops At The Door

Helpful to know if the moment ever arises.
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