funny stories of stupid questions people were asked

People Share The Dumbest Questions They've Ever Been Asked

There are in fact, dumb questions.
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Questions that reveal a lot about people | Tmadred 14 hours ago 92 S9 5 More 's last thing did first time?

Simple Questions That Reveal A Lot About People

Streamline your judgement!
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funny weird questions people got t their jobs

Thread: The Weird Questions People Have Asked Different Professionals

People are interesting.
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stupid yahoo answers questions

Dumb Moments from the Disappearing World of Yahoo Answers

Farewell, Yahoo Answers.
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Dumb and funny questions people were asked | posted by moe_skweeto trying move one those big, multi purpose weight machines, and they noticed it's set its heaviest setting Why don't set its lightest setting so it'll be lighter

Dumb Questions People Were Asked

They say there are no stupid questions but these are pushing it.
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Tumblr thread about death good being a good guy | mikkeneko concept death god is actually surprisingly supportive and on side good guys, supporting actions and promoting policies will lead kingdom growing and thriving instead being destroyed, because more kingdom grows more people there are, and more people there are more people will eventually die, and an immortal god death know there's no need rush get them all end mikkeneko like responses on this post are cleanly split between "hey this is gr

Tumblr Thread: A Death God that's Not a Bad Guy

Paging Hades and Terry Pratchett...
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Twitter thread School friend asks dumb questions to help anxious friend | baileyanastas @baileyanastas had this girl my class and she considered be like REALLY DUMB. She'd ask ton questions class, which everybody would consider be "stupid"and "silly" and even teachers would often taunt her but she'd never stop asking.

Twitter Thread: Loyal Friend Bears Ridicule to Help Friend in School

There's some quality friendship.
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Funny video of Jonathan Frakes asking many questions

Jonathan Frakes Asking Nonstop Questions

It's the supercut we can't get enough of.
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Groupon asks suggestive questions about the Banana Bunker | Groupon 11 hours ago O contractually obligated let know every time Banana Bunker is featured on our site | YOSHO Ken know looks like dont haha. 1 hour ago Like 6 16 Reply Groupon G Like sound investment, Ken! 53 minutes ago Like 6 202

Banana Bunker Inspires Questions, Groupon Commits to the Bit

What a fine product.
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Funny and awkward sex ed question stories | Gandiddyalf 6.4k points 17 hours ago Once asked question group Year 9 students do do if want have sex and can't find condom Student 1 (Male Surely can find something house Maybe cling film? Student 2 (Female Yeah! Or maybe tinfoil! Fucking TIN FOIL!

Awkward Sex Ed Questions Students Asked

It's the correct time and place, but wow.
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Tumblr thread about mating habits of gay klingons | demongoth thinking about klingon courting works by female roaring and throwing heavy objects and male reading love poetry demongoth gay klingons:

Tumblr Has Questions about Gay Klingons

Classic Tumblr.
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Tumblr users ask what centaurs can breed with | volcel-official Then question is, would be morally acceptable centaur mate with normal horse Ma pain-and-missouri And would offspring be like? trashcanbees 50% 75% 100% kompanie-mutter hate all this trashcanbees Bigot

Short Tumblr Thread on Centaurs Asks The Hard Questions

We can just be glad they don't actually exist.
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stupid things tourists ask, tour guide stories, tourist asking to be sprayed with bear spray

33 Monumentally Stupid Questions Asked By Tourists

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askreddit answers that surprised us

8 Times AskReddit Answers Left Us Surprised

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fail stories

23 People Share The Absolute Dumbest Thing They've Ever Heard

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funny sex ed memes asked by children

16 Hilarious Questions Kids Asked in Sex Ed

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