men and women are flocking to tiktok and twitter right now to figure out how men hold it when they pee

"When Boys Pee, Do They Hold It Like a Joint or a Cigarette?" Is the Viral Question Trending on Twitter and TikTok Right Now

This question just brings so many more questions. Who knew there were so many different ways to hold that thing?? Social media is coming through and providing the answers
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funny detailed answer to snail question

Absurd Snail Question Prompts Fabulously Detailed Answer

Not bad.
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skillfully made and strange creations

Impressive Works of Highly Questionable Taste

Everyone has their thing.
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stupid yahoo answers questions

Dumb Moments from the Disappearing World of Yahoo Answers

Farewell, Yahoo Answers.
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Professional Mariner has cool quora answer | Quora Open App Sign open ocean, does surface ever go still like glass like lake on windless day?

Professional Mariner Has Cool Quora Answer

*Engage sea captain voice*
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Religious quora question gets answer that details how group psychology works | Quora Open App Sign Why do people get angry try share word God with them only do because care about them deeply and don't want them end up hell feel like some people avoid because this. Is there any way get through them?

Religious Quora User Gets Lesson In Group Psychology

It's all about those in-groups and out-groups.
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Rude and frustratingly disrespectful questions people were asked |  omg_daisy 14.5k points 11 hours ago "Why did give him money" my managers response telling her got robbed at gun point our store

Disrespectful Questions that Stuck with People

Sometimes it's an accident, most of the time it's not.
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A collection of Twitter replies to the questions that people are tired of being asked | tweet by PB_Cougar PB_Cougar hashtag IHateWhenPeopleAsk something they could have googled

Twitter Users Share Questions They Hate Being Asked

Some questions really never need to be asked.
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Guy asks internet if he's wrong for questioning his 22 year old niece's 47 year old boyfriend uncomfortable questions.

Uncle Wonders If He's Wrong To Question 25 Year Age Gap in Niece's Relationship

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question boyfriend sex relationships girlfriend perfect funny Video - 99264769

Girl Says Perfect Man Lasts Longer Than 5 Minutes In Front Of Boyfriend

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Person guilty over cat's death receives touching answer.

Person's Question About Grief over Losing Cat Turns Into Touching Feels Trip

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stupid things tourists ask, tour guide stories, tourist asking to be sprayed with bear spray

33 Monumentally Stupid Questions Asked By Tourists

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would you rather

19 People's Most Captivating "Would You Rather" Questions

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black white people on facebook

Good-Humored Facebook Thread Answers Questions Black People Have About White People

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Yahoo Answers to a boss who wants to fire his best and most efficient employee

Boss Gets Schooled on Wanting to Fire His Most Efficient Employee

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things divorced people wish they knew about their exes

16 Divorced People Painfully Share What They Should Have Asked Their Ex Before Getting Married

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