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Kid Gets Decked By Queen's Guard

Dang dude those guys don't give a damn. It feels like this is the sort of thing that feels like it came out of a Newspaper from a hundred years ago, but nah. Apparently these guards have strict orders to never deviate from their path, resulting in moments like these. These guys were doing their regular marching routine when a kid didn't get out of the way, getting a taste of what's left of the British Empire.
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Dad Gets Daughter Hyped For Freddie Mercury Biopic, Forgets to Tell Her the Singer is Dead and Ruins Her Life

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The Queen Gets Bloody Excited Over Some Cows

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Pika Freddie Mercury Mash Up Will Melt The Coldest Of Hearts

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Collection of tweets that are written out like Scottish people are saying them.

10 Authentic Scottish Tweets That Are Hilariously Confusing

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What Moms Are For

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Photoshops of the green screen dress the queen of england once wore

The Queen of England Wore a Bright Green Outfit So, Naturally, the Internet Treated It Like a Green Screen

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Google Translate Butchers the Lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody

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Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody as a Ballet is One Ballet You'll Want to Watch

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That Moment You Realize The Queen's Guards Are Real And So Is Their Patrol Duty

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Three Mistakes in One!

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The Queens Guards Stops For No Tourists

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Watch What Happens After This Little Girl Gets To Meet The Queen

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"We Are the Champions" and All the Other Metal Hits, Right?

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Like a Queen

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